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Importance and Significance of Christmas

Importance and significance of Christmas is known to all. Even if we celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ, the Savior, the significance of Christmas still remains different in the hearts of the people around the world.

The word Christmas means the Mass of Christ. This is derived from a word used in old English, Cristes Maesse. In earlier times, Christmas was not celebrated on the 25th of December. Ever since 200 A.D., Christmas has been celebrated on different dates through different places. It was not until 354 A.D. that Bishop Liberus of Rome set 25th of December as the official date. In fact, Christ birthday is not mentioned in the Bible. In the past, Christmas was celebrated as the birthday of the unconquered sun. This was known as the Feast of Saturn. It was done so because this day was observed as the day that the sun would start reverting to the south. This day was then later celebrated as Christmas and the tradition still continues.

The beautiful Christmas traditions have their origins in different countries that lead to the Christmas celebration we have today. The origin of the most common tradition around the world, the Christmas tree, is actually from a country who does not speak English as its native language! In fact, it originated in Germany in the town of Geismar.

The tradition of the Christmas tree is in a way inspired by the old Roman tradition. People would give each other green branches of trees on the 1st of January. They did so as they believed that it would bring them good luck. The Scandinavian people believed that gods lived in evergreen trees. So, the Scandinavians bought trees home. And finally, the Germans are responsible for giving us the gift of the Christmas tree. The importance of Christmas is that of recognizing and respecting the birth of The Lord. Celebrating new liberation and remember Him who gave up His life so that we could be free of sins.

Christmas Tradition Christmas Celebration

Today's Christmas traditions include the midnight mass and the big Christmas feast. Children and parents decorate the Christmas tree and expect Santa Claus (sometimes said in reference to Saint Nicholas) to gift them. They leave cookies and milk for Papa No"l, which is French for Santa and literally means Father Christmas. In some countries, children even leave a carrot for Rudolph. Christmas is a time for the whole family to come together and celebrate the happiness of being together and of being a family. It is a time to respect Christianity and the freedoms that it brought along. It is a time when Christians all over the world rejoice the birth of their Lord.

The tradition of the mistletoe has no real origin but it was believed to have powers and was used to be a symbol of erotic passions. The burning of the big log too has been going on for a while now. Just as Christmas spreads joy, the Christmas cards are a sign of remembrance and a way of spreading the joy of Christmas. It may be shocking but Americans indulge in this tradition. They spend 1 billion dollars each year on Christmas cards, and go on to spend another 500 million dollars in mailing them. A shocking number, but that just forms a part of expressing happiness.

From November itself, you will begin to see the Christmas excitement all throughout and the joys in the hearts of children can be felt by all. The cities are decorated with lights and houses are all bright and beautiful a Christmas tree is seen in every house and everyone is singing Christmas carols. The time of Christmas is magical and this magic can be felt in the air. The spirit of giving and of love laughter and joy is what makes it an even more special way of welcoming the Lord.

World over, the traditions of Christmas vary but even so, the spirit of Christmas remains so strong that every person spreads joy to world and celebrates the arrival of the 'Messiah'. The world celebrates Christmas and Christianity forms the largest religion in the world and in the United States. To this Christmas world, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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