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The Gurley Christmas Candle was manufactured by famous candle maker Franklin Gurley. He also designed them in a specific way. 1930s was the time when these novelty candles first entered the market. In the beginning, these novelty candles were commissioned by the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company (now known by the name Exxon Mobile) the reason being that they could make use of the excess paraffin that was being produced during the oil refinery process.

The candles were made by confectioner Franklin Gurley at his own company W&F Manufacturing. They were initially marketed under the name Tavern Novelty Candles. As time passed, Gurley's business soon deviated from paraffin confections such as wax teeth and lips to almost exclusive candle production. In year 1949 Tavern was bought out and the name changed to Gurley Novelty.

Gurley candles

The Tavern and Gurley wax figures along with the candles were most commonly sold at discount stores such as Woolworths. However, one could also easily find them at department stores such as Macy's.

Gurley made candles not only for Christmas but also for all major holiday seasons. The ones that are most sought after these days are the Christmas candles. Halloween candles are also quite popular.

Vintage Thanksgiving as well as Easter candles are also very well-liked, so you can expect prices for all of the candles to remain rather higher than the candles manufacturing cost.

Individual candles are sold for anything between 10 and 99 cents and sets are being sold for a bit more. These days, you can expect to spend a minimum of $10, with many candles selling for pretty much more. If you choose to shop on EBay, then you'll be able to pick up a full set at a single auction.

Almost all the vintage Gurley candles that you find in the market nowadays have unlit wicks. These candles were marketed as candles, but note that the little figural candles were not really meant to be burned. People chose to buy them and collect many of them just for display. There are in fact some wax figures under the Tavern brand that don't even have a wick, such as a Nativity set designed by Gurley.

Some of the immensely popular vintage Gurley candles that are collected for Thanksgiving include the Pilgrim men and women along with various Turkey-shaped candles. Other candles that are also well-liked include an Indian boy and maiden and the Mayflower. There's a lot more variety of vintage Christmas candles from Gurley that include Santas, snowmen, choir boys, Christmas trees, angels and a lot more.

If you are a collector who's interested only in the original Gurley and Tavern candles, then keep in mind that the Vermont Country Store has purchased many of the Gurley candle molds. The store is now manufacturing candles that appear exactly like the original candles.

If you want to be sure that you are buying the original vintage collectibles and not the reproductions, it becomes necessary for you to search for candles that still have the original Gurley label so you identify that you are getting a vintage item and not a brand new one. If you find certain candles without their labels, one way to spot the difference is that the newer candles will be really brightly colored compared to their vintage counterparts.

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