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Christmas cupid is a Hollywood TV movie or a tele film which was made in the year 2010. This is a movie which was aired on 12th of December. The movie was premiered on ABC Family i.e. American Broadcast Channel. It is one of the largest channels of the United States of America. This movie was released as a part of 25 days of Christmas of ABC channel. Everyday this channel broadcasted different movies or episodes for the Christmas season.

This movie was released under the name of Ex-mas Carol. Christmas cupid was directed by Gil Junger and produced by Jody Brockway and Craig McNeil. The cinematography of the movie was done by Dave Perkal and it is made only in English language. The running time of the movie is 85 minutes.

Cast of the movie: -

Name of the Actor/actress Name in the movie
Christiana Milan Sloane Spencer
Ashley Benson Caitlin Quinn
Chad Michael Murray Patrick
Burgess Jenkins Andrew
Jackee Harry Mom
Justin Smith Ed
Teairra Monroe Jada
Ryan Sypek Jason

Plot of the movie: -

Sloane Spencer is a very successful personal relation flack. She is very smart, talented and a person who everyone wants to be with. But in this Christmas season, Sloane is haunted by the ghost of her not so famous client Caitlin Quinn. So, now Quinn teams up with three other ghosts who take the look of Spencer's previous boyfriends and start to talk and try getting back to Sloane. All this is done so that Sloane can change her unethical thinking and ways of working and get back to a boyfriend from her college.

This movie got a superb reception and was the second highest rated movie on cable television. The average collection of this movie on premier broadcast was 3.50 million.

Was this movie worth watching?

Christmas cupid was a low budget family entertainer. In spite of the low budget it had, it had a few very good actors who were very famous. The lead actors of this movie were Chad Michael Murray and Christiana Milan. Though these two actors are known for movies which cannot be seen with kids around, Christmas cupid changes the image of the two actors and is a full-on family entertainer. It is a very light hearted movie and is complete time pass. For 85 minutes, one can laugh and have a real good time with family and friends. To get a hang of the movie, watch the trailer of the movie so that you don't feel clueless as to what is it about. Though this movie was not based on a new theme, the roles that the characters play in this movie are very fresh.

Christmas cupid was predicted to be a block-buster and so was it. In spite of the critic giving an average rating, this movie was liked by many families in the United States of America. There was a lot of promotion also done by the actors of this movie and Christiana Milan also requested all her fans via social networking sites and road shows to watch this movie.

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